Punk News  ‘Mistakes’ Exclusive Premiere [link]

“‘Mistakes’ is influenced by the early and mid-period DC scene. The band takes the driving power from those early hardcore smashers, but then anchors the track down with some of the sonic (and emotional) complexity of the post-hardcore classics.” — John Gentile

9:30 Club Blog

“[Technicians’] four members add up to a fast, furious wall of sound that comes on loud and hard… the size of those sounds promise big things for these hard-rockers, standing out in a crowd of bands who wish they sounded more like Technicians.”— Asher Meerovich

DC Rock Live

“Heavy and unrelenting.” “Strong vocal work.” “[An] intriguing sound that sort of crossed the Feelies with the Melvins.” “They possess power and precision.” — David Hintz

Diamondback Online

“Technicians [are] a guiding light in the rough waters of D.C.’s current indie scene.”— Kenny Newberry 

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“Technicians were a tight unit. They played a hard-charging set, encompassing a smorgasbord of styles—punk, grunge, metal, and arty-instrumentals, to name a few. The stylistic variety was refreshing.”— Gregory Ayers

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